Author Topic: Allan Holdsworth let me baby sit his rig!  (Read 1302 times)


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Allan Holdsworth let me baby sit his rig!
« on: September 19, 2013, 05:24:20 PM »
Hey there,

My band Marbin opened for Allan for about a month on his last tour (shared a van and everything) and after Allan asked me to babysit his rig until next tour so I have it in my house and wanted to share what he's using.

He has 2 2x12 cabs on the bottom that he powers with a yamaha power amp for his clean tones and two 2x12 hughes & kettner combos (he bypasses the preamp) that he uses for his dirty tone

Each pair is run in stereo and goes through 3 yamaha magic stomps.

Basically he uses the first magic stomp as a pre amp the second as a stereo delay and the third as an effect (modulation usually or a longer delay to create that wide reverie sound) he also has a booster on the dirt pair his amp (some old pedal from the 70's, nothing special, that gives his more sustain and drives the front of the amp and an old mxr noise gate)

he also has a pair of volume pedals. one volume pedal controls the clean pair and the other the dirty pair

Thats it

I was surprised that contrary to many rumors about his string gauge he uses 10's with normal action (not low at all)

Dani Rabin (guitarist for Marbin)