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Member Soundclips & Videos / "BUBBLY DAN" ........ well almost.
« on: April 24, 2011, 02:59:57 AM »
"Bubbly Dan"...
Try doing the muso nod to it (wobbly head movement from side to side with an emphasis on beats 2 and 4)

Member Soundclips & Videos / The Red Admiral... (Guitar & Drums)...
« on: October 02, 2010, 02:38:54 PM »
The Red Admiral...(Guitar & Drums)
One of three takes, its not the best but somehow seems complete for what it is.

Real nice Geoff..... is there any more of this on the net?
That bass solo starts off where most people finish !!!

Member Soundclips & Videos / Re: Jammage
« on: July 05, 2010, 03:33:31 PM »
Hey those are great tracks and great playing..... is there a CD?

Backing Tracks & Collaboration / Re: ToneZappa's backing tracks
« on: July 05, 2010, 03:30:22 PM »
Yes, ToneZappa, by all means, put a link. I was going to contact you about that, as I was not sure of the procedure.Thanks for providing the tracks; I'll do the same when I get one ready.

I'll probably do another version of "The Messenger" so I can get that "E" part corrected.

BTW, I suggest that everyone check out the "Soundclick" site, esp. if you have recordings to share. It's a neat site.

I was really impressed by your ideas on the solo guitar videos. It's obvious that you have put in some serious work on the guitar.

Okay I,ll put that link up for you.
SoundClick is very easy to use and if you look you will find some good music. I like many people use it just to host audio for gear demos and some improvisation ideas. Theres many musicians and non musicians on that site so it can be interesting to get some feedback from people. But I don,t really play that SoundClick game of being friends with everybody but if someone makes a really nice comment I do get back to them.

"Serious work on the guitar"...... only in recent years I would say I put serious work into music. I always used to hate the guitar but it was the instrument I played best. I would never do solos and was happy just adding to the groove, I played a lot of disco music (a money gig) not too many solos....

I was jamming to "The Plod" for hours yesterday, and I can't feel my fingers....

Hey when the fingers come back to life.... record some of that "Plod" action for us....

Backing Tracks & Collaboration / Re: ToneZappa's backing tracks
« on: July 05, 2010, 01:53:18 AM »
Actually, halfdim, I'm unsure about the chord at 1:17-1:25. At first, I thought the progression (from 0:59) was Am7 to BbMaj7 to G min7, repeating Am7 to BbMaj7 to Gmin7...

...then the bass drops to F#, in what appears to be an F#Maj7/#11, voiced similarly to my favorite way, low to high: F#(root)-C#(fifth)-A#(M3rd)-B#(#11)-E#(maj7), with the B#-E# (perfect fourth) on top (This chord is tricky to spell).
Tasty! I heard the pianist Mal Waldron use this chord in his tune "Duquility" (from "The Quest" w/Eric Dolphy).

Then, from that F# chord,  to what I thought (or wanted to be) an Eb7 sus, but later I noticed there was still an "E" natural in the bass, so it might be E maj 7...I'm confused as to what is happening here, maybe ToneZappa can clarify this part.

I treated that part as an Eb7sus. I hear a clash there, now.

Hey "Millions" only just noticed your take on "The Messenger".....nice one, some blusey things going on here and there.

The Chords !!! in my chord chart I didn,t name any chords because I tend to use chords as a colour. By that I mean they are just notes from the scale/mode I,m using. Most of the chords in my music are small 3 or 4 note chords and usually the 3rd is not stated so depending what happens before or after tends to dictate if its major or minor. Example the first chord you could play E mixolydian over then E dorian on the next chord (where the minor 3rd apears) that gives that lovely major to minor vibe but in my take I chose not to do that.

You are kind of right about the chord names on the chorus (see chord chart) you can see why I wrote down the voicings otherwise if someone played the chords you just mentiond it would sound slightly different (kind of like reading the chords from an old "Beatles" song book !!!) also just to confuse matters I dubbed on a higher guitar part playing 1 or 2 higher notes. They don,t effect the chord names but made it sound more like an Fender Rhodes.

The last chord of the chorus is not Eb Maj7.
It has an E bass if anything think of it as E Maj7th (the bass guitar goes between E and Eb ...the major 7th) it reads like this E, Maj3rd, 6th, Maj7th and another 6th on top I played E lydian over it. The outro is E lydian as well.

Having said all this I,m totally open about music in my book you can play any note anywhere its just how you get there and back again !!! My own music is very logical though most of what I play/write is improvised (just gut feeling and a good ear) but when I,ve looked into it later I see that its all very very logical.

If you want I can put a link on my SoundClick page to your version of "The Messenger".... is that OK with you?

Great playing mate, I can't do any finger-style insane jazz stuff like that haha! Really good stuff and I love your passion mate.
In the first video what is that sound at about 26 seconds in? It sounds like a fretless slide haha or was it just some kind of fretbuzz that flukily sounded great?

Thanks "Adji"..... The passion is pain !!!! I hate the feel of nylon strings and how clean you have to play with them, although that Godin guitar is very easy to play by nylon string standards I still find it really hard to play cleanly. I,m an electric geetar player, all legato and hammer-ons etc.....

The frettless sound was just a very slow vibrato I played an open bottom E and another E an octave up on the A string (7th fret up) and did a very strong slow vibrato (up and down the string not side to side) only on the A string that way you get a kind of slow chorus/fretless effect...... Theres also a very quick sliding harmonic at 0:36

These started out as my first test recordings for my YouTube account but ended up staying there. The pieces are very short and do have a couple of dum notes !!!.... But I learnt a lot from doing them (mainly that I don,t have the gear to do a good video) I have a new guitar winging its way from Australia that should be here soon and I hope to be able to do a good demo of it on YouTube.....

Bub Roberts - "Captain Kurbis" - Godin ACS-SA

Bub Roberts - "Premonition" - Godin ACS-SA

Backing Tracks & Collaboration / ToneZappa's backing tracks
« on: July 01, 2010, 04:13:07 AM »
Woo hoo! Those are awesome. Could you post the chord charts?

Thanks "funkle" .... "The Plod" is just fun in E for hours. The "Messenger" is not so easy, it sounds very easy but to make flow from start to finish whilst saying something is a bit harder. The chords are very open which is what I like (no 3rd etc)
Heres a chord chart but with no names !!! (have fun and if you are on SoundClick I can put a link to your version from my page)

Bub Roberts "The Messenger"

I'm just listening now for the first time. Great playing Tone. I like the way you build a lot of motion over what are relatively static backings. Thanks!

Thanks "funkle" for listening... I don,t mind playing over one chord/colour as long as I enjoy it.!!!

I'm not really qualified to analyze anyone from a technical standpoint, but I can say the frequent change-ups in your approach to phrasing and feel really helps drive the music forward, and keep things fresh throughout.
You're definitely not a one trick pony!

Thanks "Halfdim7"...  this was the first fusion session I did they all said just go crazy (I just hate it when people say that in the studio) normally I would have gone crazy with the sounds but with some of these solos I went crazy with the notes instead. As far as phrasing goes I think my two middle fingers really do only work as one, but my little finger works overtime... its like a whip. So my fingering does look a little strange it always used to bug me but now I just live with it and workout different fingering and use it to my advantage. I think one of the really great things about the guitar is the fact that its possible to play the same pitch in so so many different areas of the neck. They all feel and sound different and lead to different roads.!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed these sound clips. It sounds very modern; I feel as if I am escaping from my mundane existence into a Platonian world of the ideal.
ToneZappa has a good awareness of rhythm, which is good advice for all players: play rhythmic ideas, don't just "skate" over the chords. It will make your solos fit in the groove better, and will make them sound really dynamic & forward-moving.
He does lots of neat little tricks, too.

Thanks "Millions"... This music was actually recorded about nine or so years ago. One thing I do a lot of is play open strings regardless of where I am on the neck. This helps with rhythmic ideas and groups of 5, 7, 11 etc. I always used to think of it as cheating but then I went to a Wayne Krantz gig and he did it all night.....(fantastic stuff).

THANKS again for listening, and having a world class, proven entity such as yourself listening to it is an honor

What...!!!!  you got me laughing here... your a fuuny guy Geoff... thanks for the gear info... I guess I.O.U. a beer... cheers...Bub.

Gear Talk / Re: Any AxeFx users?
« on: June 26, 2010, 10:27:55 PM »
I was about to get the Ultra but had some unforeseen expencies (had to buy a new
I think Cliff Chase is a pioneer that shall go down in guitar history as the man that really got the digital guitar amp sims thing starting to sound and feel good....... but how about a headphone socket ?

Fusion Discussion / Re: Joe Zawinul
« on: June 26, 2010, 10:17:06 PM »
I tried to put my thoughts down on the huge influence that Joe had on me.
Such a great musician.

Nicw Words Phil.....

I miss JZ a lot also FZ and Brecker those three guys had so so much music inside them. (FZ and Brecker leaving us way to soon)

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