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The Roland GP-100 modeling preamp
« on: June 04, 2014, 10:46:28 AM »
I love this thing! I have two now, one for studio and one for gigs. Among its many attractive features, some of my favorites are:

The Marshall simulations are very good, emulating the old Roman numeral "I & II" inputs.

It has a good "backwards guitar" effect, which samples segments of your playing and actually plays them back in reverse.

The effects can be configured in any order, which is very handy.

The Midi interface allows control over any aspect of an effect. I especially like being able to program a wah pedal to turn on or off by stepping all the way forward, like a vintage foot switch. This is done by programming the MIDI command to operate in the high range of the pedal's travel, from 126 to 127 (instead of 0-127).

Plus, this MIDI feature allows you to custom-tailor the range of the wah, and its physical travel...the parametric wah is a trip.

My latest trick is to program the treble knob of the preamp into the pedal, to get a "Speedy West" -type tone-wah effect, like the old vintage steel guitars, or Roy Buchanan's pinky-controlled "crying Tele" tone effect. Coupled with a harmonizer set for a M2, it gets a startlingly real "talking steel" effect, just short of using a vocoder.

The only thing this doesn't have is a ring modulator...

I can turn the Send/return on or off, with a pedal or footswitch, to go into "looping" effects with my Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro or Lexicon Jamman...
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